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The all-in-one influencer marketing platform – connecting your brand to the right influencer with the right audience for maximum ROI.



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Full Stack Integrations

Connect all of your marketing tools and platforms to streamline your workflow and optimize your campaigns with our full stack integration solution.

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10K Creator Liquidity

Experience the power of 10X better reach by tapping into our extensive network of over 500,000 creators

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Deep Profiling

Enabling effective creator discovery with our ML focused search based on creator persona, content quality, affinity, audience demography & moren.

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Content Management

Make the most of every pic and post. Hook Video helps you locate, track, and repurpose every bit of love your brand ambassadors and content creators are spreading across social.

Relationship Management

From fielding applicants to communicating with your influencers, Hook video provides all the tools you need to nurture authentic brand relationships at every stage of your influencer marketing campaign.

Discover & Recruit

Find the influencers who see your brand as more than a paycheck. Hook Video gives you multiple ways to identify and invite only the perfect ambassadors for your brand.


Remove “accountant” from your job description. GRIN can send payments to content creators, track payment history, analyze your ROI per individual, and much more. Simplify your influencer marketing campaign by the number.

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